Review: Torgoen T10 Turnstone

“It looks like one of those giant pencils.” That’s my daughter’s none-too-flattering take on the Torgoen (“Tore-goane”) T10  Turnstone. The 44mm T10 can’t be seen from outer space, but it can be spotted across a football field. If you have good eyesight. A lot of people don’t, not being 16 and all. The T10, a watch for old folks? Yes and no. Let’s start with yes . . .

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OMEGA Vs. Rolex: The YouTube Battle Continues

The animated ad above hit YouTube on April Fool’s Day 2013. It recently crested the 4m mark, continuing to assert that the OMEGA Co-Axial Chronometer is the “most perfect mechanical watch movement in the world.” Rolex may beg to differ. The two Swiss watchmakers remain locked in battle. Here’s how that’s playing out on YouTube . . .

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New York Court Gives Repeat Rolex Robber A Slap on The Wrist

“A Rolex vixen who’s been repeatedly accused of drugging men then swiping their pricey watches in Manhattan was sentenced Monday to a conditional discharge,” reports. It may sound like a medical problem, but the Supreme Court’s ruling means . . .

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Will Gucci’s Customers Get A Grip?

Gucci’s launching a watch sub-brand called Grip. OK, it’s not really a sub-brand. All four Grip launch models sport the Gucci logo on every available surface. Still, don’t expect faithful Gucci customers to gripe about Grip; the new watches coordinate with their clothes, as breathlessly reports  . . .

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The Jacob & Co. Oil Pump: The Tackiest Watch $350k Can Buy?

Let me start with a simple statement: the Jacob & Co. Oil Pump watch is NOT the tackiest watch big money can buy. Richard Mille sells some hideously expensive (and plain hideous) day-glow and diamond encrusted timepieces that make the Oil Pump seem like a two-hand Patek Philippe Calatrava. In fact, I’d place the Oil Pump into an entirely different category: kitsch. Wikipedia defines the term thus:

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How to Cheat on A Test With Your Apple Watch

The mainstream media — — is alerting the world that the Apple Watch offers enterprising/amoral students the opportunity to cheat on tests. As a journalist with 45 years experience, I’m thinking the following Twitter-sourced quotes from the Yahoo article are not a reliable indication  of a trend.  They’re like “man on the street” interviews. You know, cheating . . .

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Rolex Rainbow Cosmograph Daytona: Celebrity Catnip

Rolex’s website proclaims that the Cosmograph Daytona was “born to race.” So . . . what driver in his right mind would wear the Rainbow Cosmograph Daytona variant in a race car? One of the 36 baguette-cut sapphires surrounding the bezel, the 11 sapphire hour markers, or the 56 brilliant-cut diamonds covering the lugs might jar loose! But you’ve got to give the $100k Rolex credit for . . .

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