Apple Watch Series 5 Revealed! And It’s No Big Deal


There it is: the Apple Watch Series 5. If it looks virtually identical to the Apple Watch Series 4, that’s because it is. The big news? Apple will offer the Series 5 in titanium! Given the derision recently heaped on Apple for its titanium credit card’s care instructions . . .

Specifically, “Some fabrics, like leather and denim, might cause permanent discoloration that will not wash off,” the Apple Watch Series 5’s titanium case is being viewed suspiciously, in terms of wear and tear. Never mind.

The Apple Series 5 will have incremental hardware upgrades (i.e. the case and an advanced microLED display), a faster processor and better battery life. How great is that? Not as great as what’s missing.

The smart and smart hybrid watch world are deep into deep sleep tracking. As far as we know, the Series 5 ain’t got it. You can buy a $119 KEQI digital watch with a 2K Resolution Mini Wrist Smart Watch Camera (32GB memory) for $119. The Series 5 ain’t got it.

Not to put too fine a point on it, the Series 5 doesn’t appear to move the ball further downfield. As I’ve mentioned before, Apple’s decision to sell One Case Shape To Rule Them All removes the style element that would give them some marketing breathing room.

Anyway, I’m buying the Series 5, my first Apple Watch. Report to follow. As always, watch this space.

UPDATE: Click here for all the deets of the just-released new Apple Watch Series 5


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