Citizen Caliber 0100 (+-1 Second Per Year) Sold Out?


Citizen Caliber 0100 on a bracelet.

The Citizen Caliber 0100 is the world’s most accurate wristwatch movement — that doesn’t rely on an external signal to adjust time. According to the manufacturer, their quartz timepiece’s accuracy varies by . . .

plus or minus one second per year. That’s some astounding timekeeping right there. And it’s light-powered. And the AQ6021-51E boasts a Super Titanium™ case and bracelet, a skeleton caseback and an anti-reflective sapphire crystal.

Now how much would you pay? Sorry, sold out. If we can believe Citizen’s website, the Japanese watchmaker has sold all  500 AQ6021-51E’s. Just so you know, these fortunate few shelled-out $7,400 for the privilege.

That’s a pretty penny for a Citizen – even if the 38mm minimalist timepiece is The World’s Most Accurate Wristwatch™ (that doesn’t rely on an external signal to adjust time). Ah, but the AQ6021-51E is — I mean “was” — a lot less than the original Caliber 0100.

Citizen Caliber 0100 in all its minimalist glory

For an additional $9,400, Citizen blessed the Caliber 0100 AQ6010-06A with an ivory dial, packaged it in an 18KT white gold case and affixed a black crocodile strap. Assuming you were one of only 100 customers, the ridiculously accurate minimalist meisaku sucked some $16,800 from your wallet.

If Citizen did indeed sell out of both models, if there’s not a bunch of these bad boys sitting in dealer inventories waiting for a home, the AQ6021-51E grossed Citizen $3.7m. The pricier AQ6010-06A dumped $1.68m into the company’s coffers. Total haul: $5.38m. I reckon that tidy sum paid paid for the lion’s share of the development and engineering costs.

Given the relatively small customer base, it’s no surprise that Citizen’s website isn’t exactly chock-a-block with rave reviews for the Caliber 0100. But there is one for the less expensive model . . .

Never worn? Now that’s a shame. (Not like my rehab-friendly $235 Citizen ProMaster Tough.) Here’s hoping Xace takes the 0100 out of the safe at least once a year. If they have a second.


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