GPS Running Watches. Which One Walks the Plank?

I gave up running for fitness the day running guru Jim Fixx died of a heart attack while jogging at the tender young age of 52. Which was sometime after skiing blew out my knees. But the “sport” of running goes on without me. There’s a farrago of GPS running watches to tell you when and where you might pull a muscle, dehydrate and or/drop dead. So which one sucks? The Running Channel’s British reviewers reckon . . .

They’re all wonderful! Unless you’re a beginner, in which case they (almost) advise you to stick with the entry-level models.

Shame they don’t mention the utility of chronograph. Which I used to see how long it took me to watch the video. Two-and-a-half hours; what with lunch, coffee, a cigar and a short nap.

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