Junghans Master Chronograph: Kicking Off the Campaign for Real Plexiglass?


A lot of watchmakers go to a lot of trouble to affix crystals that look like ye olde plexiglass, complete with vintage-style light distortion. As Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell told us, there ain’t nothing like the real thing baby. Especially if you like scratches. Thankfully, German know-how tackled the curved convex plexiglass scratching problem . . .

To protect their plexi, Junghans tapped Nanogate GfO Systems GmbH’s for some of their sweet, sweet  cured V Polyester acrylate UV .  iwmgazine.com translates that into English:

Junghans says for its crystals it uses a Sicralan MRL UV coating method originally developed for suppliers to the automotive industry. The clear coating results in increased scratch resistance, improved resistance to ultraviolet light and chemicals, all while adding an intense, deep gloss to the plexiglass. 

That’s one classy piece of horology underneath that plexiglass bubble. But I can’t say that the new Junghans Master Chronoscope’ plexiglass crystal’s a trend setter — especially as Junghans cut an exclusivity deal with GfO for watch applications.

Anyway, why not buy a watch with faux plexiglass and enjoy sapphire’s scratch resistance and durability? Nostalgia. It ain’t what it used to be.

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