New Beaufort Vintage Pastel: Kickstarter-Funded in Two Hours


“Our Late Early Bird offer has been extended,” New Zealand’s Beaufort Watches announces oxymoronically at “Thanks to all of you who have supported us, we were able to hit our funding goal within 2 hours on launch day!!” Here’s one they prepared earlier . . .

The rise and rise of kickstarter-funded, direct-to-consumer boutique watch brands has been truly magnificent. There’s an enormous selection of KS-enabled watches in every style, shape and color. You could say kickstarter has kicked off a new golden age in horology.

Most of theses KS brands occupy the lower to mid-range of the market.

Rapid manufacture, low-overheads and easy access to inexpensive but time-tested Swiss movements yields products that are stylish and affordable. With no-risk funding, low-cost worldwide shipping and dirt-cheap Instagram marketing, it’s a done deal. (Or Undone.)

These BOK (Born On Kickstarter) horologists are taking a tasty slice of the big name low- to mid-market dumb watchmakers’ market share — at a time when smartwatches are eating their lunch.

Good times people, good times.

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