New York Court Gives Repeat Rolex Robber A Slap on The Wrist


“A Rolex vixen who’s been repeatedly accused of drugging men then swiping their pricey watches in Manhattan was sentenced Monday to a conditional discharge,” reports. It may sound like a medical problem, but the Supreme Court’s ruling means . . .

twenty-three-year-old Ocsetta Tinsley walks away from four counts of grand larceny in three cases after doing three days of community service. The crime — the one Ms. Tinsley committed, not the Court’s sentence — sounds horrific.

Tinsley was busted last summer for swiping a total of $100,000 in watches and jewelry from three separate men she met at nightclubs.

The original criminal complaint says that all three men told cops that she took a sip of alcohol then spat into their mouths during a kiss. Minutes later, they passed out . . .

On June 21, she copped to a reduced charge of petit larceny for swiping a man’s $20,000 Rolex and $300 in cash.

Although The Post dubbed Ms. Tinsley the Rolex vixen, one of the watches liberated from its owner was a “$26,000 Royal Oak Chronograph Audemars Piguet.”

It seems clear that Ms. Tinsley knew exactly what she was after. Which suggests to me that she stole high-end watches to order. Which is no surprise given that the current supply – demand disparity for the most desirable timepieces creates a premium running in the tens of thousands of dollars.

Also obvious: New York Prosecutors didn’t consult Twitter before letting Ms. Tinsley walk. Back in August of last year, Black Sports Online exec Robert Littal outed Ms. Tinsley and tweeted that the horological grifter was headed to The City That Never Sleeps (make sure your watch has great lume).

I wonder how Mr. Littal knew all that. And does any sane person think the itinerate Ms. Tinsley’s not going to be back at this scam tonight?

I said it in my very first post on this site: wearing a Rolex puts a target on your back. Er, wrist. I still wear mine, but not in a nightclub, where I don’t give strange women the time of day. So to speak.


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