125th Anniversary OMEGA Trésor

The 125th Anniversary OMEGA Tresor's enamel dial knocks it out of the park

The 125th Anniversary OMEGA Tresor's enamel dial knocks it out of the park

This is our minimalist watch of the day, and I’d best start with two important facts. First, the yellow gold 125th Anniversary OMEGA Trésor cost $17,800. Second, the OMEGA De Ville variant no longer listed on the watchmaker’s website. So we have to address a simple question: is it worth the hunt? That depends on . . .

How much you love it and whether you have seventeen large burning a hole in your pocket. Otherwise, yes. Go, look, find, buy.

Obviously, I can’t make you fall in love. While a large number of watch collectors share my passion for a two- or three-hand minimalist timepiece, a larger number don’t. Most watch buyers at this level think more is more. The more complications (a.k.a., display doo-hickeys) the better.

The magnificent Jaeger Master Calendar

For them, there’s plenty of high-end horology that will scratch that itch. The 39mm stainless steel Jaeger Le-Coultre Master Calendar above is an excellent choice, and it “only” costs $9,800. You could buy a perfectly wonderful minimalist watch with the remaining $7k.

By the same token, you can purchase a “standard” OMEGA De Ville Master Co-Axial and have $4k for a no-complications Tudor Black Bay 41 and a nice steak dinner with an important bottle of red. But again, love. And there’s a lot to love about 125th Anniversary Trésor.

The 125’s red enamel dial pays tribute to OMEGA’s brand colour; it’s astounding in both hue and finish. The color sets off the yellow gold case and markers in a way that no other color has or can. Accentuated by a burgundy leather strap with tone-on-tone stitching, the watch has a vintage personality that transcends time. Literally.

Omega 125th Anniversary Tresor's amazing case back

Flip the case around, and OMG OMEGA.

I’m sure there are those who see the Omega lettering and jumbo-sized logo as over-the-top. Florid. Cartoonish. Circus-like? Something tacky. And the way the number two impinges on the word Omega seems a bit weird, as does the way the designers fit the words “years” on the side.

FWIW I think it’s bold and bad-ass, especially with the red enamel in-fill. The decorative damaskeening engraving ringing the case back is perfection itself. And if something special happened in your life in 2019 — as it did in Omega’s — that’s a bonus.

Framed OMEGA 125th Anniversary Tresor

If you share my enthusiasm for this in-your-face artwork, simple! Don’t turn the watch over. Just savor that dial and let the hidden OMEGA Master Chronometer Calibre 8929 – based on the brand’s first manual-winding Master Chronometer movement — do its thing.

That’s assuming you can find one. Hong Kong Tattler reports there are some 125th Anniversary Trésors left in the embattled city’s dealer network. And none that I can find online or by ringing around U.S. dealers. Still, the hunt is half the fun, right?

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