Apple Files Biometric “Wrist ID” Patent for Apple Watch. Big Brother Is Pleased

Apple files patents all the time, as you’d expect from a company selling consumer products in the information age. This one is different. “The patent describes a biometric sensor built in a smart Apple Watch band which would recognize you by texture patterns in your wrist,” reports, “a kind of ‘Wrist ID.’” Uh oh . . .

I’ve highlighted the Singapore governnent’s ominous decision to offer tens of thousands of citizens “free” Fitbits (after beating out Apple for the contract). Shown how it paves the way for a dramatic increase in the country’s well-established civilian spying ops (the government monitors all ISPs at will). Predicted its spread to The People’s Republic of China.

The “problem” with using an Apple Watch to remotely monitor users’ every move, both online and in the real word: you need to know who’s wearing the watch. Apple’s biometric “wrist ID” is the answer. In fact, it would usher in — will usher in? — an entirely new level of Big Borther government fascism.


Who’s idea was this in the first place? What was the rationale? To prevent an unauthorized user? How many people share their Apple Watch? I’m not a tin hat conspiracy guy, but this stinks and sucks in equal measure.

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