Christopher Ward Watch in British Racing Green


Christoper Ward C3 Grand Tourer looks slick in British racing green (BRG)

Yesterday, we had a look at the latest TAG Heuer Aquaracer Dive Watch. What set it apart from 96 other Aquaracers on offer? A green dial, “inspired by the mesmerizing blue and green shades of the ocean.” Christopher Ward has a different inspiration for their latest C3 Grand Tourer quartz watch: British “racing green” race car livery. Not to put a spanner in the works but . . .

A grand tourer is not a race car. OK, that’s a bit churlish, if just as accurate as Mr. Ward’s watch. The more important question, what exactly is British racing green (BRG)? To answer that very question – and sell as many watches as humanly possible – Christopher Ward blogged British Racing Green throughout the ages. Here’s a more concise (if less literary) version via

British racing green, or BRG, is a colour similar to Brunswick greenhunter greenforest green or moss green (RAL 6005). It takes its name from the green international motor racing colour of the United Kingdom.

Christopher Ward watch evokes days when race cars looked like cigars

This originated with the 1903 Gordon Bennett Cup, held in Ireland (then still part of the UK), as motor-racing was illegal in England. As a mark of respect, the British cars were painted shamrock green.

Although there is still some debate as to an exact hue for BRG, currently the term is used to denote a spectrum of deep, rich greens. “British racing green” in motorsport terms meant only the colour green in general – its application to a specific shade has developed outside the sport.

Christopher Ward British Racing Green watchface glows with good health

Is the Christopher Ward watch face above a deep, rich green? Don’t ask me, I’m color blind. Colour blind? That too.

Christopher Ward watch with nostalgic "perspex" crystal

The ever-so-retro 39mm Christoper Ward C3 Grand Tourer is also available in Vintage Blue and Silver White for $455. The dial design was inspired by the dashboard of an unspecified Aston Martin and the pushers are piston-shaped (who isn’t?).

Paradise by the dashboard lights for faux vintage watch collectors, now in BRG? We report you deride.

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