Kickstarter Watches Are On Fire! Except This One


Kickstarter has kicked off a watchmaking renaissance. OK, yes, they’re all exercises in repackaging someone else’s movements. And? And horophiles are so enthusiastic about the prospective products that some Kickstarter watchmakers fund themselves in hours. Yeah, well, not Tempus Capio . . .

What does Tempus Capio mean?

In Latin, Tempus Capio literally means “Time, I Capture”. To us, it is an active take on the now popularized though passive term of “Tempus Fugit” (Time Flies).

Tempus Capio is not just a motto, but a life-long self-promise. We feel that to better embrace the power of now, one needs to step back from the notion of fleeting time. Instead, to live each second to its fullest.

I hope the Hong Kong-based company behind this project take a step back and figure out why their pitch went over like the proverbial lead balloon. ‘Cause they’ve pre-sold/funded precisely no watches.

Is it the neo-classical design? The mistake of listing the watch’s cost ($265.20 to $509.92) in HK dollars? The lack of Instagram advertising? It’s definitely not a lack of expensive photography.

Whatever the reason, the Tempus Capio is a drug on the market. Which goes to show: no matter what the medium, there’s many a slip between the cup and the lip.


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