Seiko Presage Prestige Enamel Dial

A pair of Seiko Presage Prestige Enamel Dial watches

Spring Drives are breaking out all over. Once confined to Seiko’s top-of-the-line Credor and Grand Seiko lines, the one-of-a-kind ultra-accurate kinetic/mechanical/quartz hybrid movement has “invaded” Seiko’s Prospex models. And now you can buy the Seiko Presage Prestige Enamel Dial powered by Spring Drive. And that’ll run ya . . .

€4,650 or $5100.92. If you hanker after a watch with an enamel finish – and pictures really don’t do these watches justice – this is The One You’ve Been Waiting For. That’s doubly true if you want a timepiece with that stylishly silky finish, a distinct vintage feel and Seiko’s two-year warranty.

You could even argue that the Seiko Presage Prestige Enamel Dial is a bargain, considering the quality of this [and any other Seiko Prestige] timepiece and the kick ass caliber within – especially if you compare it to anything Swiss-made at that price. And I wouldn’t argue. But if it’s the Spring Drive that’s the apple of your horological eye, there are cheaper ways to keep the doctor away.

The least expensive way to wrist-up a box-fresh model of the only timepiece in the world whose second hand sweeps without any interruption? The 40mm $3800 SBGA285 (above). You can have it any color as long as it’s black. And any bracelet or strap as long as it’s a steel bracelet.

It would be wonderful if Seiko made that watch in something a little less ostentatious, like the power reserve doo-hickey-less GS mechanical watch above – even if it carried the same msrp. Lose the date window and I’m your horological Huckleberry. Or give me $25k to spend.

I say that for my own selfish reason, obvs. Still, given the enameling production techniques required to create the finish, there’s nothing particularly wrong with the Seiko Presage Prestige Enamel Dial.

But seeing as the Spring Drive is a key differentiator between Seiko’s low-priced and its high-priced offerings, the pre-owned market is going to be the budget Spring Drive shopper’s best friend for the foreseeable future.

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