Tales of the Arabian Nights Genie: Which Watch?

I can’t stand seeing people not wearing a watch. It’s just not right. Hanging out at Austin’s Casa di Montecristo cigar bar, I hurf with a number of enormous humans: former football and basketball players and the occasional Professional Wrestler. Their wrists resemble my neck. The sword-wielding genie above suffers the same anatomical challenge. So . . .

If I was going to waste a wish to put a timepiece on his wrist, it would have to be something BIG and, let’s face it, magical. Blue would be good, too.

That be the 47mm Panerai Radiomir 1940.

I would have preferred a skeltonized watch. In the pinball game Tales of the Arabian Nights, the genie commands an army of laughing skeletons (should you collect all the jewels). Unfortunately. the watchmakers practicing that art don’t see a market for see-through XXXL timepieces.

And the shade of blue on the Radiomir 1940 doesn’t match the genie’s skin. (Don’t you hate it when that happens?). But the jumbo Panerai has the macho gestalt that any man over 40 with rock hard abs will appreciate. And yes, there’s a gold version. But it doesn’t have a blue face.

As for the price ($9200), what care does a genie have for price? As for availability, Panerai made 388 of them. All sold. But what care does a genie have for availability?


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