World’s Worst Watch?

Individualization 3D black hole wristwatch sucks

Individualization 3D black hole wristwatch is the world's worst watch

When I found the video below, it had precisely zero views. I think it deserves a least a couple more. The $16.63 (plus $3.48 shipping) Chinese-made Individualization 3D black hole wristwatch is a strong contender for the world’s worst watch. That said, the cat-faced Taylor Swift Love watch is tough competition. But I like 3D BH more (less?) because . . .

of the 3D effect and the minutely marked railroad track running around the bezel.

The watch doesn’t have a second hand, so those are the markers. Genius! And is it me or does wearing this watch make you look like you’ve got an open sore on your wrist. Probably me.

Is that a cat's paw on the world's worst watch?

I’m reasonably sure that a cat’s paw guarding the 3D black hole wristwatch in the official image above. From whom? Anyway, a couple of astrophycists [I smoke crack with] reckon black holes are the engines of our universe. They are the thing (to use the technical term) that creates space and time, even as they eliminate both (go figure).

And I figure the Individualization 3D black hole wristwatch is the thing that best represents the Chinese watch industry as it sucks American jobs into the vastness of an unfathomably large, impoverished population denied all human rights. So for me, this is the world’s worst watch.

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