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Ford vs. Ferrari movie posterI recently caught the movie Ford vs. Ferrari. SPOILER ALERT! Ford wins. So what about Ford vs. Ferrari watches? Both car companies offer logo-enhanced timepieces for their fans. Who’s got the better handle on horology? Let’s start with a shining example of Ford’s branded watches . . .

Ford vs. Ferrari Watches. Ferrari's color used to be yellow. Just sayin'.

Before I try to find a word to describe this Lolliyellow Mustang watch, note that it costs €31.90. Yes, prices their Ford branded watches in Euros, for two reasons. First, something to do with taxes. Second, they’re not sold in the U.S. You can’t even buy them there – wherever there is – and ship them here. It’s $35.17 in Yankee dollars and the word is hideous.

Ford Mustang High Tech Watch

Back in the Land of the Free, Ford sells two – count ’em two – branded watches, via First up: the ironically-named Ford Mustand High Tech Watch. Here’s FoMoCo’s description of their $149.95 timepiece.

Boasting water resistance down to 5 ATM (50m) a scratch-resistant mineral crystal a brass metal case and a folded steel bracelet this precision-crafted watch is ready to go the distance. Includes three-hand Japanese movement a date window and a rotating bezel.

Fossil Machine Chronograph Watch

For its second attempt to win the Ford vs. Ferrari watches contest, Ford sells the Fossil Machine Chronograph Watch. It’s a Fossil watch with the Ford logo engraved on the back (as above), yours for $189.95. Before we burst into patriotic tears or derisive laughter, let’s go back to Ford’s Lifestyle website for the three-time LeMans winner’s most expensive, presumably best watch.

Ford GT Watch - not gonna win the Ford vs. Ferrari watches showdown

The 462.9 Euro ($510.25) Ford GT watch comes complete with “an engraved Ford logo on the back made of lightweight titanium and a crown made of nickel-free stainless steel.” We can only hope that Andoran Ford enthusiasts rock this bad boy. And that it’s not quartz. Then again, maybe we should hope it is quartz.

Given the price of an average Ferrari – if such a thing exists – you’d expect Maranello’s marketing mavens to hook-up with some high-end horologists for timepieces that cost more than a dozen Mustangs. And you’d be right. But Ferrari also slaps their logo on a wide range of affordable pieces. That don’t suck.

The Ferrari Apex watch above is quartz – and it’s not ashamed to admit it. Why should it? It’s simple and stylish, maybe even elegante. It’s yours for just $95 (listed in Yankee dollars at the U.S. version of the online store). If you don’t like the color, there are four more choices on offer. But wait, there’s more!

The $120 Pilota Chronograph shares the Ford’s 5 ATM water resistance and the movement also remains unspecified, but it wins the beauty pageant and complication contest. If the Pilota doesn’t float your barca, sells one hundred more bold, branded watches at reasonable prices. Here’s the most expensive, their $1995 Swiss-made Limited Edition Aspire.

Ferrari Limited Edition Aspire automatic watch

The design features include a stainless steel case wrapped around an eye-catching dial made of matte carbon fiber. The personalized serial number is on the back of the watch, which is impressive given it leaves the complex internal mechanism visible. The black leather strap comes with tone-on-tone side inserts in silicone and red stitching in the same color as the button.

Ford vs. Ferrari watches at this level? Dearborn ain’t got game. Will it ever? Meanwhile, Ferrari’s more upmarket partner – Hublot – cranked-up their Ferrari affiliation to 11.

When it comes to Ford vs. Ferrari watches, it's Hublot LaFerrari watch for the win

No, that’s not an engine. It’s Hublot’s MP-05 LaFerrari watch. It’s made of 637 parts and comes with something like a small power drill to wind it. Which sounds silly – until you realize it has a 50-day power reserve. (The world’s longest, by far.) The LaFerrari watch isn’t a pretty piece, but is amazing. And amazingly expensive, at $345k.

Christian Bale surprised by the result of Ford vs. Ferrari watches

You may have noticed I didn’t mention Hublot’s 45mm Big Bang Ferrari Unico Titanium (we love titanium) – a relative steal at $26,200. I could show you one of Hublot’s six Ferrari-branded variants, but why embarrass Ford further? Dearborn’s horology offerings have already be-clowned themselves. Yup, it’s no contest. Ferrari for the win.

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