Alpine Eagle: Mr. Nice Watch Reports


Chopard Alpine Eagle in hand

Mr_Nice_Watch writes: 2019 was the year of stainless steel sport watches with integrated bracelets. Like so many other watchmakers (e.g., Bell & Ross), Chopard jumped on the brandwagon. Based on their St. Moritz, released in 1980, Chopard reinvented its iconic design for the Alpine Eagle collection. Last Friday, I visited @juwelierweber and put my hands a 41mm Eagle with a blue dial . . .

The blue dial’s texture really caught my attention. It resembles an eagle’s iris, with a black rehaut that helps make the color pop. This is something I‘ve never seen on any other watch before. Nor have I seen a second hand whose tip resemble an eagle’s feather. The only thing I didn’t like: the use of Roman numerals instead of normal indices. It makes the watch face look crowded and small, in its own big way.

The Alpine Eagle’s case and bracelet are made of Chopard’s A223 Lucent steel, developed over the last four years. The finished product – containing recycled steel – is 50 percent harder than normal stainless steel and non-allergenic. The color tone resembles platinum. It shines more brightly than normal steel – you definitely notice the difference when compared to other watches in normal daylight.

Chopard Alpine Eagle 01.01-C movement

The Alpine Eagle features a brand new in-house automatic movement, viewed through its crystal caseback. Actually two new movements: one for the 41mm timepiece (01.01-C with a 60-hour power reserve) one for the 36mm watch (09.01-C with a 42-hour power reserve). Both movements are COSC certified to −4/+6 seconds per day.

Chopard Alpine Eagle on Mr. Nice Watch's wrist

As you’d expect – given the Chopard’s reputation and the watch’s $12,900 price tag – the Alpine Eagle’s finishing is perfect. Sitting comfortably on the wrist, there’s no doubt it’s a high-end luxury product. In terms of quality, it can definitely compete with the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak. The Alpine Eagle may never be iconic, but it’s a fine timepiece in its own right.

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