Joe Exotic’s Wristwatch Revealed!

Joe Exotic's watch just hanging out

I recently pressed play on Joe Exotic’s Watch is a Mystery. There wasn’t much to say, other than “I have no idea what he’s wearing.” So I padded the post with tacky tiger watches. Thanks to an eagle-eyed reader – whose significant other may or may not have said “he went to Jared!” – Joe Exotic’s wristwatch can finally be revealed . . .

Joe Exotic's wristwatch - a LeVian Diamond White Ceramic Day/Date

While the show’s producers refuse to return my call, I can state with 99 percent certainty that Mr. Joseph Allen Maldonado-Passage wore a Le Vian Diamond White Ceramic Day/Date watch. You know, before he went to jail.

Joe Exotic's watch is almost as bling as his furry friend

The image above makes the Le Vian Diamond White Ceramic Day/Date look like it’s got a flat silver stainless steel bracelet. Nope. That’s just a trick of the light.

As you can see from the product shots, the Le Vian style ZAG 258 is lousy with white ceramic. Assuming Le Vian didn’t cut corners in its construction, the ceramic bracelet, case and bezel account for a good part of the DWC’s not inconsiderable $1,781 price tag.

Le Vian - Joe Exotic's wristwatch

Not to mention the 1/4 cts (combined) of Vanilla Diamonds® adorning the bezel. And the fact that it’s a chronograph with a movement by . . . are you kidding? Do you seriously think Le Vian’s product page reveals any of the watch’s technical specs? The fact that it’s a chrono isn’t even mentioned.

Joe Exotic, Joe Exotic's watch, Louis Theroux and tiger

Ah but those sparklers! I bet that’s what made this Joe Exotic’s wristwatch. You can imagine the salesman telling the Tiger King “Le Vian Vanilla Diamonds are chosen by exacting standards: SI quality or higher.” Forgetting to mention that SI are the second lowest quality diamonds money can buy.

Joe Exotic is not the ZAG 258’s only fan. “This timepiece is fabulous,” Mohnson111 gushes in his five-star online review. “It is a heavy ceramic watch that you know when you have it on your wrist. I receive lots compliments when I wear it. Highly recommend this piece.”

Le Vian - makers of Joe Exotic's watch

In terms of the watch’s provenance, the company’s About Us page reveals that “Le Vian is a family-owned jewelry company with a long history, dating from the 15th century.” Take that Vacheron Constantin!

The Le Vian Diamond White Ceramic Day/Date is available at Jared and Kay Jewelers. And here’s the kicker: you can find a box fresh ZAG 258 on eBay for $197. Actually no, I just bought it for review.

Meanwhile, how long before Le Vian realizes they’ve scored a major coup? What’s the bet sales take off like Tiger King’s Netflix ratings? Watch this space. Seriously. There’s more to come.

UPDATE: This is not the watch Joe Exotic destroys in Episode 4 of The Tiger Kind. Click here to read about that ill-fated timepiece. The make and model of the second timepiece remains a mystery. For now . . .


  1. I am literally living for this watch review! Can’t wait. Just found your website, but I’ll be back. Great writing!

  2. You’re wrong. There’s a closeup of it in episode 4 at around 18 minutes and it’s clearly not that watch.

    1. I don’t think it’s the same watch as in the photos I’ve published. I’d swear the one in the pic has subdials and a pusher. But they “both” are white and segmented so it IS possible. Gonna have to get through to the producers somehow! And maybe eat humble pie. Thanks for keeping us homest.

  3. I see that now. The watch in the picture of him in the blue shirt is definitely the levian chronograph. I guess the guy just has a very distinct taste.

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