HoDinkee’s Clymer: My Plan to Save the Watch Industry!

One week into shelter-in-place restrictions and HoDinkee’s founder Benjamin Clymer has a plan! “I would encourage you, if you are looking to buy a watch, to buy it new and authorized,” his open letter pleads, “as those sales help retailers, distributors, and manufacturers stay afloat.” Save the watch industry! Buy from HoDinkee at full retail! … Continue reading “HoDinkee’s Clymer: My Plan to Save the Watch Industry!”

HoDinkee’s Coronavirus Report

The Truth About Watches has been reporting on the impact of the Coronavirus outbreak on the watch industry since it first reared its ugly head in December. HoDinkee’s been predictably silent on the subject – given their closerthanthis relationship with the main playas. Post Baselworld cancellation, HoDinkee can’t ignore the story. They’re ridiculously late to the … Continue reading “HoDinkee’s Coronavirus Report”

HoDinkee’s Pulvirent – Champagne Socialist

“Do you ever struggle with the relationship b/t obscene wealth inequality and luxury watches?” That’s the question put to HoDinkee’s Managing Editor on Instagram (image courtesy valetmag.com). Stephen J. Pulvirent’s answer reveals that yes indeed, he’s morally conflicted . . .

HoDinkee Shop Lands Another Brand

The “journalists” at Hodinkee have another brand to protect from their editorial integrity, or lack thereof. Montblanc joins the following brands at the HoDinkee shop: Bulgari, Grand Seiko, Hamilton, Longines, NOMOS, OMEGA, Oris, Ressence, Seiko, TAG Heuer, Urwerk, Vacheron Constantin, Zenith and Zodiac. Welcome to HoDinkee’s No Criticism Zone! Mont Blanc is now assured of … Continue reading “HoDinkee Shop Lands Another Brand”

Hodinkee Scam: “Just Because”

Back in the day, Hodinkee published independent watch reviews for horophiles looking for solid intel. Those days are gone. The website now sells the watches it “reviews.” Careful readers will discount Hodinkee’s Lake Woebegone-take on timepieces, where every watch is above average and “criticism” is couched more carefully than Roche Bobois. The uninitiated are on … Continue reading “Hodinkee Scam: “Just Because””