Green Watch Dials Explained

Spring has sprung. Green watch dials are popping-up everywhere! Big Horo’s color revolution was so sudden and unexpected that even the watch press was stunned, belatedly trying to piece together an explanation. Here are the leading theories behind the green watch phenom and some idle speculation . . .

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SKMEI 1095

SKMEI 1095 Watch Review

Watches are just expensive toys and jewelry nowadays. The cellular telephone does everything a watch can do! So they say. They’re wrong. For example, the SKMEI 1095 is an inexpensive toy with a fairly unique party trick – it’s a watch and a toy! Much more than meets the eye . . .

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Seiko SNK789K1

Seiko 5 SNK789K1 Review

I was contemplating buying my first automatic watch. The default internet recommendation: “get a Seiko 5.” The official Seiko website only shows the┬áSeiko 5 Sports line, which screwed the pooch a few years back by becoming overpriced “dive style” watches. Old school Seiko 5 models are still available, and at good prices. So I bought a Seiko 5 SNK789K1 . . .

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Letsfit Willful ID205S time wristie

Willful SW025 Smart Watch Review

Robert is on the Apple watch loyalist. Racer88 would rather be castrated than wear a smart watch. I’m not cool enough to know anybody that has one. “Perfect!” RF said. “Amazon’s got a smart watch for $36! All yours!” So began my journey into the strange new world of the Willful SW025 smart watch . . .

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