Casio MQ24-7B miscellaneous crap

Casio MQ24-7B – Boring FTW

I took umbrage with Herr Farago dissing the Tissot PRX as boring. I consider boring a virtue: unassuming, practical, enduring. Problem: I couldn’t think of a recognizable, boring watch. Amazon and the rest serve-up pages of cheap uninspired generic knockoff watches that are dull as dishwater, but reputable brands have character, however mild. And then I remembered a watch I’d been meaning to review that should be very boring: the Casio MQ24-7B . . .

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Winner Automatic Watch Review

Behold! The cheapest automatic watch sold on Amazon! The photoshopped magnificence that is the MASTOP Automatic Mechanical Watch Full Steel Waterproof Mens Watch with Calendar (hereafter Winner automatic watch, per dial markings). Yours for $22.99. Full disclosure: the blue dial version is actually Amazon’s cheapest auto timekeeper ($21.99). It’s another buck for any of the other seven available color schemes. St. Patrick’s day is coming up, so a buck of green went to buying green . . .

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Vaer C3 Full Review

“Why don’t you ride a Harley?” Good question. I espouse buying American but ride Japanese. The short answer: “Because I don’t like Harleys.” Their products don’t suit my preferences. I want to support my countrymen, but I also want what I want. Which brings us to the American Vaer C3 36mm watch . . .

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