Snapple Promo Watch

Snapple Watch Review

In the comments section of Watch Collector? Not It! I asserted that “true collectibles are ephemera.” Supporting this argument: my “new” Snapple watch. A watch that was once a gimme (redeemed for bottle caps?) now selling on eBay. Exploring my thesis, I bought one for $8. There are many more for sale in similar condition, firmly establishing the Snapple watch as a “collectible.” A little history . . .

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Timex Weekender 38 Review

Before Timex went nuts with Peanuts and vintage reissues, their everyman Weekender was their darling. In the dozen years or so since its introduction, the modest Weekender continued the ethos of Timex as cheap and cheerful timepiece, continuing its influence on the bottom end of the horological market. Helped in no small part by its signature move . . .

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Ressence Time by Colour

Regular readers know I enjoy deciphering weird watches. The new Ressence 1 Squared X Time by Colour needs deciphering. At first glance, their horological three ring circus display is an uncrackable code. Mercifully, Ressence’s interactive online simulator provides the key. Once you know the code, reading the time on their Colourful watch is still a tricky task . . .

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