how to write for TTAW

How to Write for TTAW – Guidelines

RF has an open door policy for new writers. “If you can write about watches, you can write about watches for TTAW, no matter what your experience level,” RF assured me back in the day. “Just tell the truth, check your facts and don’t be dull.” Actually, there’s a bit more to how to write an article for TTAW. As someone who’s made the jump from horological hype space to truthiness, I’m here to help aspiring watch writers join the team. Here’s the unofficial tip sheet and guidelines. Let’s start with what’s not required . . .

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Slim d’Hermès Quantième Perpétuel Titanium

Francofiles will be pleased to know I no longer pronounce the H in Hermès, thinking it rhymes with Burmese. It’s Air Mezz. Pronounced correctly, Slim d’Hermès Quantième Perpétuel sounds a bit like propositioning an underfed French fashion model. But then most spoken French sounds that way to the uninitiated. Just as the horologically uninformed think Hermès watches are over-priced watches for over-monied fashion victims. Well . . .

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Pobeda ZIM Review

Pobeda ZIM Full Review

Vladimir Putin sent me this Pobeda ZIM watch to reward my assistance in the United States presidential election. Surely I jest! I got it from (no commision on link). Somehow my habit of searching for newest arrivals under 35mm yielded a vintage Soviet watch. Classic size, unusual shape, Cold War provenance and old school mechanicals. Why not? . . .

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The Spring Bar = Genius!

Enough cannot be said of watch bands, the different types, how much a watch’s look or comfort can be affected by changing them. Before the Timex Weekender made the one-piece woven strap ubiquitous and the Apple Watch put the quick-change spring bars in the hands of everyday consumers, the average nobody thought of a watch band as a sneaker sole, an integral and irreplaceable part of the assembly. When the band wears out, they replace the whole watch. Rubes don’t know about spring bars . . .

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