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How A Google Fitbit Can Beat the Apple Watch

The other day, Google paid $2.1b for Fitbit. The prospect of a Google Fibit got lots of press, most of it dismissive. For good reason. Google’s Wear OS software – powering a range of non-Apple smart watches – is a … Continue reading

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Mi Band vs. Apple Watch

According to, shipments of “wrist-worn wearables” — as opposed to wrist-worn unwearables — are up 29 percent this year; A growth curve some experts see continuing for the next seven years. Fighting it out for the biggest slice of … Continue reading

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Apple Watch Chinese Factory Violating Labor Laws?

“We believe everyone in our supply chain should be treated with dignity and respect,” Apple said in a statement, after being caught with their sweat shop pants down. “We have robust management systems in place beginning with training on workplace … Continue reading

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ABlogtoWatch’s Ariel Adams Stops Making Sense

“Prices for a lot of popular watches and big-name luxury brands are going up,” ABlogtoWatch founder Ariel Adams predicts “The bad is news that the watch industry will probably raise prices on a lot of popular timepieces, and entire brands might … Continue reading

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Graham Watches’ Patric Zingg: Point-of-Sale Will Save Us!

Independent Swiss watchmaker Graham’s been in biz since 1695. Their recent fortunes have been characterized by disorder, chaos and rapid market disintegration. In short they have a ghastly mess. Over at, we learn that Managing Director Patrick Zingg’s got … Continue reading

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In Search Of . . . Pike’s Peak (By Way of Glam Rock)

Watch collectors know the score. You see a watch on Instagram or your Flip Board feed and fall in love. You search for the watch and it’s out-of-stock or, worse, fallen into a black hole. The watch above — the … Continue reading

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G-SHOCK Shock: Smaller Watches, Bye-Bye China!

Casio’s G-SHOCK brand makes some shockingly large, brutally ugly watches. Although the new G-SHOCK Analog-Digital GA2100-1A1 won’t give Jaeger LeCoultre Master Ultra Thin Moon owners a case of buyers’ remorse, the 11.8mm thin G-SHOCK is a big break from the … Continue reading

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