Everyone Needs One Weird Watch

Nubeo Satellite Automatic Pioneer Black – $1500 This is, indeed, one weird watch. Here’s how it works: “Two wandering hour marker ‘satellites’ rotate in orbit across the dial face. A complex jigsaw of gears, wheel and precision-engineered parts culminates in the journey of each satellite. As they do, the correct hour aligns with the semi-circular minute calibrations. Where the satellite and minute hand meet, the present time comes together.” Got it? Me neither. Moving on . . .

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Which Watch for Rehab?

In case you’re wondering why TTAW went dark for a month or so, now you know. Your humble horologist was in rehab. No, not for watch addiction. Although, sure, my horological obsession is a manifestation of a defective mindset. Anyway, as I packed my bag for a four-week treatment program, I faced a dilemma: which watch for rehab?

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Axios kick axios on Kickstarter

Microbrand Watches: Good Enough?

Over on kickstarter. the Axios’ Watches Ironclad Robust 500m Swiss Automatic Dive Watch met its $21,795 funding target in three minutes. As of this writing, the company raised $189,614. If you need proof that microbrand watches are The Next Big Thing in traditional watchmaking, there you go. And why is that? Money . . .

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Individualization 3D black hole wristwatch sucks

World’s Worst Watch?

When I found the video below, it had precisely zero views. I think it deserves a least a couple more. The $16.63 (plus $3.48 shipping) Chinese-made Individualization 3D black hole wristwatch is a strong contender for the world’s worst watch. That said, the cat-faced Taylor Swift Love watch is tough competition. But I like 3D BH more (less?) because . . .

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