Class Warfare: The Hidden Threat to the Luxury Watch Business

As I reported earlier, celebrities loves them some Richard Mille watches. Not-so-coincidentally. the media loves them celebrities loving their Richard Mille watches. Especially the price tag. Check out this serious gush about Jay-Z’s custom Richard Mille 56:

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Seiko and Citizen Dive Watches: Separated at Birth?

Over at Instagram the_watch_father asks a question often posed by ‘gramers posting pictures of two watches: which one? In this case, we have two near-as-dammit identical light-powered dive watches from Seiko and Citizen. Ignoring Blue Watch Monday flexing, the only rational answer: who cares? The display raises a more important question . . .

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Hodinkee to Rolex Restorers: Be Honest!

“In a single decade, the market for vintage Rolex watches has accelerated like few other asset classes throughout history,” Isaac Wingold writes at “the market’s boom has created a decidedly strange dynamic of heightened skepticism among the newer enthusiasts, fueled by instances of profit-driven deception.” In other words . . .

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Two Watches to Rule Them All?

In the video below, the man above modestly suggests a bifurcated watch collection for men. The Modest Man recommends two watches: a Rolex Datejust and a Hamilton Field Officer Khaki Mechanical. Um, what? Don’t get me wrong: they’re not bad choices . . .

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Watchfinder: Bremont Wright Flyer “Most Controversial Watch Ever”

No question: Bremont deserved a right royal pasting for falsely and misleadingly claiming that its Wright Flyer watch’s movement was made in-house. Question: how important is the in-house movement claim to all but the most anal retentive watch buyers? What percentage of buyers know or care what caliber pushes their watch’s hands around? If we’re staying within the horological community . . .

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