OMEGA Vs. Rolex: The YouTube Battle Continues

The animated ad above hit YouTube on April Fool’s Day 2013. It recently crested the 4m mark, continuing to assert that the OMEGA Co-Axial Chronometer is the “most perfect mechanical watch movement in the world.” Rolex may beg to differ. The two Swiss watchmakers remain locked in battle. Here’s how that’s playing out on YouTube . . .

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Will Gucci’s Customers Get A Gucci Grip?

Gucci’s launching a watch sub-brand called Gucci Grip. OK, it’s not really a sub-brand. All four Grip launch models sport the Gucci logo on every available surface. Still, don’t expect faithful Gucci customers to gripe about the Grip; the new watches coordinate with their clothes, as breathlessly reportsĀ  . . .

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Rolex Rainbow Cosmograph Daytona

Rolex Rainbow Cosmograph Daytona in the flesh

Rolex’s website proclaims that the venerable Cosmograph Daytona was “born to race.” So . . . what driver in his right mind would wear the Rolex Rainbow Cosmograph Daytona variant in a race car? After all . . .

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Patek Philippe Carpet Bombs Instagram with Calatrava Weekly Calendar

On Sunday, @patekphilippe’a Instagram account blew up with posts on their $30k Calatrava Weekly Calendar. I’m thinking that’s because A) Calatrava Weekly Calendar sales are weak or B) their social media maven woke up from a coma. Bottom line: Patek reckons the watch wearing gen pop (as Govberg’s Tim calls it) needs a wake-up call on the CWC’s existence. Here’s how Patek’s promoting the product . . . Continue reading “Patek Philippe Carpet Bombs Instagram with Calatrava Weekly Calendar”

Audemars Piguet Code 11.59 Name Explained

To promote the Audemars Piguet Code 11.59, the Swiss watchmaker purchased some expensive real estate: advertorials in Vogue and GQ. The byline-free puff pieces offered watch nerds and well-heeled fashion victims insight into the enigma that is AP’s nomenclature for its all-new “Code 11.59 by Audemars Piguet” line. So what’s it all about Alfie? . . .

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