Lousy Watch Websites Explained – Pt. 3

Lousy websites Hodinkee Shop ad

In Parts One and Two of this series, we explored the hidden dynamics behind lousy watch websites like Hodinkee and aBlogtoWatch. In this post, I want to explore the driving force behind their so-called editorial. How it represents the tenor of our times . . .

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Watch Websites’ Mediocrity – Pt. Two

Watch websites - Hodinkee Shop

In Watch Website – Why They’re So Boring, we revealed the not-entirely-hidden truth: watch websites are closerthanthis with watchmakers. So every watch they “review” is awesome. They either ignore Coronageddon or treat it like a sick Aunt’s unspeakable illness (that will surely get better on its own). The smartwatch is a “stepping stone” to “real” watches.” Etc. It was not always thus, but it’s getting worse, not better. As Deep Throat advised (link safe for work), follow the money . . .

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Steven Pulvirent: Hodinkee’s Marxist Doxer

Stephen Pulvirent

Steven Pulvirent is a champagne socialist. In our previous post, we examined HoDinkee’s Managing Editor attempt to reconcile his love of hugely expensive watches with his desire for social justice. Judging from what Mr. Pulvirent’s just posted on his Instagram account, recent events have tipped him over the edge into something even more ridiculous and much darker . . .

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Study Shows HoDinkee Writer Is Arrogant

Not a HoDinkee writer kind of watch

Study Shows That Yes, People Who Wear Watches Really Are Superior Humans, HoDinkee.com proclaims. The headline over Jack Foster’s article raises a few interesting questions. Why no scare quotes around the word “superior”? Does Mr. Foster “do” irony? And how bogus is this University of Glasgow, College of Science & Engineering study? It seems Mr. Foster forgot his grain of salt . . .

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Chrono24 – Useful Idiots?

home page

I don’t spend a lot of time reading Chrono24 Magazine or the watch press generally. While I enjoy watches for the same reasons as many others do – admiration for their design and engineering – I find the cottage industry of blogs and sites that’s sprung up to guzzle at the trough of marketing dollars both boring and offensive. Not to mention writing styles that range from insufferably pretentious to pretentiously insufferable. That said . . .

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