Review: Torgoen T10 Turnstone

Torgoen T10 at home (courtesy

“It looks like one of those giant pencils.” That’s my daughter’s none-too-flattering take on the Torgoen T10 Turnstone. The 44mm T10 can’t be seen from outer space, but it can be spotted across a football field. If you have good eyesight. A lot of people don’t, not being 16 and all. The Torgoen T10, a watch for old folks? Yes and no. Let’s start with yes . . .

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Review: Swatch BLACK-ONE Chronograph

Swatch BLACK-ONE Chronograph color your world (courtesy

Bauhaus is a very very very fine haus. That said, I doubt many buyers eying Swatch’s Bau collection watches are celebrating the German design movement’s 100th anniversary — or recognize the song lyric from Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young’s 70’s masterpiece Déjà Vu. But the album’s worth a listen and the $120 Swatch BLACK-ONE Chronograph is pretty damn cool. But is it Bahausian?  . . .

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