Tudor Black Bay 41: Review

Let's face it: the Tudor Black Bay 41 is endlessly elegant

Tudor, a Rolex for people who can’t afford a Rolex? That’s how the brand was born, and that’s how it remains. Only Tudor no longer advertises its association with Rolex. Or is that the other way ’round? Anyway, today’s “cut price” Tudor brand has to stand on its own. Does it? Is the Tudor Black Bay 41 a budget Rolex or its own thing? Let’s start by getting this out of the way . . . Continue reading “Tudor Black Bay 41: Review”

Review: Torgoen T10 Turnstone

Torgoen T10 at home (courtesy thetruthaboutwatches.com)

“It looks like one of those giant pencils.” That’s my daughter’s none-too-flattering take on the Torgoen T10 Turnstone. The 44mm T10 can’t be seen from outer space, but it can be spotted across a football field. If you have good eyesight. A lot of people don’t, not being 16 and all. The Torgoen T10, a watch for old folks? Yes and no. Let’s start with yes . . .

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Review: Swatch BLACK-ONE Chronograph

Swatch BLACK-ONE Chronograph color your world (courtesy thetruthaboutwatches.com)

Bauhaus is a very very very fine haus. That said, I doubt many buyers eying Swatch’s Bau collection watches are celebrating the German design movement’s 100th anniversary — or recognize the song lyric from Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young’s 70’s masterpiece Déjà Vu. But the album’s worth a listen and the $120 Swatch BLACK-ONE Chronograph is pretty damn cool. But is it Bahausian?  . . .

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