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4 Great Watches Under $3k


Rolex: not a watch for under $3k

A great watch for under $3k? Totally doable. But don’t ask hodinkee.com. They’re too busy touting Watches Under $10,000 That’ll Have You Looking Like a Million Bucks. Oh for Pete’s sake. That’s like “a list of sports cars under $100k that will make you stop wishing you were driving a Ferrari.” Here are four great watches under $3k that won’t leave you feeling short-changed. . .

The Truth About The Truth About Watches


The horological press is deep in watchmakers’ pockets. That’s no secret. hodinkee.com sells watches; they’re authorized dealers for Seiko, Grand Seiko, NOMOS, Longines, Ressence, Tag-Heuer, Zenith, Oris, Vacheon Constantin and Hamilton. On the lower end of the scale, watch watching websites take a cut of click-throughs to online watch sales. Follow the links . . .

Sinn Spezialuhren’s Lothar Schmidt Celebrates 25 Years at the Helm. Watch out!


Lothar Schmidt doesn’t look like the kinda guy who’s gonna party like a rock star to celebrate 25 years as Sinn Spezialuhren‘s CEO. But you gotta hand it to Mr. Schmidt: his Frankfurt-based watchmaking enterprise has found a niche in the market, producing handsome, hand-crafted timepieces in the $1500 to $5k range, best bought from watchbuys.com (TTAW never takes commissions). Here are four of my favorites . . .

Singer Track 1: Off-Track?


Looking at the Singer Track 1 — “the Chronograph Reimagined” — I hear track two of Chicago’s debut album: Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is? Looking at the Singer Track 1, I don’t have a clue. A quarter-to-two-ish? No! In fact . . .

Citizen Caliber 0100 (+-1 Second Per Year) Sold Out?


Citizen Caliber 0100 on a bracelet.

The Citizen Caliber 0100 is the world’s most accurate wristwatch movement — that doesn’t rely on an external signal to adjust time. According to the manufacturer, their quartz timepiece’s accuracy varies by . . .