Hodinkee Pimps The Frederique Constant Yacht Timer

Frederic Constantin Yacht Timer dial

I recently ripped the Frederique Constant Yacht Timer Regatta Countdown a new you-know-what. It’s ugly and expensive, based on a patently ridiculous complication that doesn’t even do what its cheaper, more reliable quartz predecessor did (provide variable countdown intervals). Hodinkee’s Jack Forster knows I’m right. To paraphrase, T-Swizzle, a pimp’s gotta pimp, pimp, pimp . . .

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TAG Heuer Formula E Irony

TAG Heuer Formula E sponsorship

When Steve McQueen wore a blue TAG Heuer Monaco in the 1971 movie Le Mans, that sealed it. TAG Heuer watches and motorsports were a thing. Since then, TAG’s hooked-up with Ferrari, McClaren and Red Bull Racing. And now Porsche. As you can see, TAG Heuer’s sponsoring Porsche’s new Formula E racer. TAG Heuer Formula E irony much? Yup . . .

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A Perfectly Useless Afternoon Quartz Watch

The nice thing about quartz watches is that they’re inexpensive. Inexpensive to make — thanks to off-the-shelf movements — and inexpensive to buy. As Swatch will attest, there are plenty of cash-strapped collectors on the lookout for distinctive designs to add to their horological rotation. The A Perfectly Useless Afternoon quartz watch is a perfect example . . .

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Tudor Black Bay Chrono Dark: What’s Wrong With This Picture?

Tudor Black Bay Chrono Dark

As my review of a minimalist Tudor Black Bay 41 indicates, I’m a fan of the brand. Now that Tudor has its own caliber — an awesome movement built with BFF Breitling — Rolex’s sub-brand is on a roll. The latest timepiece tempting horophiles: the limited edition Tudor Black Bay Chrono Dark, celebrating New Zealand’s All Blacks national rugby team. Geddit? Before you do here’s a few things to consider . . .

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Casio Pro-Trek WDS F30 Sucks

Casio Pro Trek WSD f30

Bless coachmag.co.uk writer Jonathan Shannon for trying to find good things to say about the Casio Pro-Trek WDS F30. Like “it won’t appeal to everyone, and in fact the people it will appeal to probably won’t be too bothered about the smartwatch functions.” Pay no attention to the smartwatch behind that curtain? After a brief warm-up, Shannon rips away the veil . . .

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