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Grand Seiko Godzilla Watch. Has Seiko Lost Its Mind?

According to Forbes, the Grand Seiko Godzilla watch has “a number of elements in honor of the legendary creature. The prominent rays on the dial emanating from the center and shooting outward symbolize the heat ray beam that shoots from … Continue reading

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Which Watch for Rehab?

In case you’re wondering why TTAW went dark for a month or so, now you know. Your humble horologist was in rehab. No, not for watch addiction. Although, sure, my horological obsession is a manifestation of a defective mindset. Anyway, … Continue reading

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Richard Mille RM069 Erotic Tourbillon: The Most Offensive Watch Ever Made?

I’m OK with iced-out watches. You’d never catch me wearing a diamond-encrusted Richard Mille RM069 Erotic Tourbillon, but chef don’t judge. If someone wants to spend $750k to billboard their sexual proclivities, that’s none of my business — assuming the … Continue reading

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Rolex: Three Reasons Not to Buy One (Other Than Price)

If you like your Rolex, you can keep your Rolex. Or can you? That could well depend on your ability to stop someone from stealing your Rolex. Someone who might choke you to death or cut off your hand to … Continue reading

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