The Right Watch for the Right Occasion

Which is the right watch?

“Every man should have a variety of designer watches in his repertoire,” advises, “but if you’re not sure where to start, we’ve got you covered.” The website offers readers their idea of the “right watch” for a business meeting, beach holiday, first date and family occasion. Post-COVID, I presume. Here are LLM’s mostly whacked-out recommendations and my entirely sensible alternatives . . .

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Apple Watch = Survival Watch?

Survival watch and friends

The Best Tough Watches To See You Through The End Days Esquire proclaims, pimping watches that are almost as indestructible as they are ugly. But not quite. That said, I’m not sure how the OMEGA Speedmaster Moonwatch Professional made the list – other than the usual watchmaker-to-publisher commission/kickback. And really? Let’s face it: the Apple Watch is the survival watch . . .

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Senator Sanders’ Citizen Watch Analyzed

Bernie Sanders' watch (image courtesy

Senator Sanders’ fate as a presidential candidate will be decided tomorrow, on Super Tuesday. Or will it? While that drama plays out, let’s have a look at his horological habit and what it says about the man . . .

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Three Best Watch Brands Under $1000

Citizen Watch Co Store

For Rolex, Audemars, Patek, IWC and other high end watch brands, success depends on culture, craftsmanship and customer cultivation. At the sub-$1k end of the market, it’s dog eat dog. Success depends on product, penny-pinching and PR. Here are my choices for the three best watch brands who’ve mastered the three P’s to sell excellent quality timepieces for under a grand . . .

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Which Watch for Rehab?

In case you’re wondering why TTAW went dark for a month or so, now you know. Your humble horologist was in rehab. No, not for watch addiction. Although, sure, my horological obsession is a manifestation of a defective mindset. Anyway, as I packed my bag for a four-week treatment program, I faced a dilemma: which watch for rehab?

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