Coronavirus Catastrophe Kills Watch Sales

Rolex boutique Macau

You may have heard that the coronavirus catastrophe has closed China for business. The effects are being felt throughout the region, and beyond. But that general statement doesn’t indicate the seriousness of the problem for Swiss watchmakers . . .

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Seiko Diver Automatic Orange: Review

SEIKO Diver Automatic Orange Dial Men's Watch Item No. SKX011J1

In 1964, DOXA Watches sent divers into Switzerland’s Lake Neuchatel armed with a rainbow of brightly colored watches. Their goal: find the best hue for underwater visibility. Three years later, the watchmaker released the legendary orange SUB. If horological heritage is your bag, buy a latter day DOXA. If not, consider the Seiko Diver Automatic Orange Dial Men’s Watch. Now why would anyone want to do that?

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Best Automatic Dive Watches Under $1000

Doxa: one of the best dive watches under $1000

Let’s face it: one man’s “best” sub-$1k mechanical dive watch is another man’s you know what? Forget it. I’m buying an Eco-Drive Citizen Promaster Diver for four bills. If you’re going diving, something quartz is the safer choice. Or, you know, a dive computer. But if you want to look at three of the best automatic dive watches under $1000 for ocean, office and infinity pool flexing, here are my choices:

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