Timex Easy Reader Review

The Timex Easy Reader asks a question: do you remember your first watch? Not the first good one, nor the first one you bought. Your first ever timepiece. I was around seven years old. It was a little silver-colored case analog with a white dial and a black “genuine leather” band. A gift from my grandmother. It wasn’t heirloom quality, and almost certainly bought from a department store . . .

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Grand Seiko Spring Drive

Grand Seiko SBGY002 – Worth $25K?

If you’ve got 25 large burning a hole in your wallet, the Grand Seiko SBGY002 is within your budget. Not so the Holy Grail watches (e.g., the Patek Philippe Nautilus). Then again, all the high horology brands have a timepiece within that 25 large budget (e.g., the Vacheron Constantin Overseas). So why in the world would you spend that kind of cash on a Grand Seiko SBGY002?

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