Expensive Watches – Don’t Go There!

Expensive watches

Hello? Of course you should buy expensive watches. Unless you’re a die-hard minimalist – and maybe even then – your horological health depends on transferring large amounts of cash to watchmakers and their dealers. To be fair, this article should be titled Three Places Where You Should Never Wear an Expensive Watch. The SEO gizmo says no. Anyway, here you are! And here’s where you should never go with your expensive watch . . .

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Humism Rhizome Watch Review

Humism Dasein money shot

More than a few fellow cigar smokers are watch aficionados. They’ve admired pieces from the likes of OMEGA, IWC, Porsche Design and Rolex. None got the time or attention of the Humism Rhizome. The most common reaction: whoa! Whoa indeed. A reaction you can’t fully appreciate until you see the Rhizome in action . . .

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