Joe Exotic’s Watch Reviewed

Joe Exotic's watch in his famous photo

Joseph Allen Schreibvogel Maldonado Passage has an undeniable magnetism. Though the eponymous star of the Netflix docu-series Tiger King has fallen on hard times, the self-styled “Joe Exotic” was once a gun-slinging, tiger-breeding, limousine-riding Midwestern mogul. With his own unique style. So, before his incarceration, what was Joe Exotic’s watch? As we revealed earlier this month, it’s the Le Vian Vanilla Diamonds ZAG 258. Let’s take a closer look . . .

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Joe Exotic’s Wristwatch Revealed!

Joe Exotic's watch just hanging out

I recently pressed play on Joe Exotic’s Watch is a Mystery. There wasn’t much to say, other than “I have no idea what he’s wearing.” So I padded the post with tacky tiger watches. Thanks to an eagle-eyed reader – whose significant other may or may not have said “he went to Jared!” – Joe Exotic’s wristwatch can finally be revealed . . .

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