Breitling Endurance Pro Review

Breitling Endurance Pro

I wasn’t particularly kind to the new Breitling Endurance Pro in our New Watch Alert. Like all the watches in the NWA, I passed judgement sight unseen. But I am nothing if not a fair man. So I hightailed it down to a local dealer to spend some quality time with a Pro. (Thanks Ben!) My conclusion: it’s a really expensive quartz watch. But it’s also . . .

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Grand Seiko 60th Anniversary Quartz Review

Grand Seiko Anniversary quartz 2nd floor

Back in the day, my CNN cameraman and I were blasting down the autobahn at 130 mph. Doing more than twice my home country’s federally mandated double nickel, I missed our exit. We arrived at Porsche HQ fifteen minutes late. The CEO glared at us as if we’d totalled our 911 loaner. “Nice watch,” I said, nodding at his Porsche Design Sportivo Chrono. “Ja,” he replied pointedly. “Very accurate.” Not as accurate as the Grand Seiko Anniversary quartz . . .

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Graduation Day Watches for $1k

TAG Heuer Formula 1 detail

Graduation Day 2020 is a real downer. Coronageddon killed the thrill of gathering as a class for the exodus into higher education or “the real world.” Also DOA: the tradition of giving a watch to a grad immediately after the ceremony. Still, a timepiece remains the perfect gift for that special day. Here are three graduation day watches for three basic personality types (no commission on links) . . .

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Elizabeth Warren’s Non-Watch Analyzed

Elizabeth Warren

Elizabeth Warren constantly exercises her right to bare arms. What of it? We live a world of smartphones – a watch is simply a convenient way to tell time, access apps or flex. I’m told there’s something liberating about not being tied to a wrist-borne temporal device. It says you’re living in the moment. Or does it? Let’s think about this . . .

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Three Reasons Not to Buy a Dive Watch

Zodiac ad

Back in the day, Zodiac had to convince customers it was OK to buy a dive watch even if you don’t dive. Nowadays, Zodiac feels free to tag their retro Super Sea Wolf 68 Saturation “For the Underwater Pro” – knowing full well pro divers wear digital dive computers. People buy dive watches because they’re cool. Free country and all that. But here are three reasons NOT to buy a dive watch . . .

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