Luminox Sea Turtle Review

Luminox Sea Turtle again

Luminox positions their brand as uniquely suited to the spirit of adventure. Their customer list is impressive: U.S. Navy SEALs, IDF Special Forces, U.S. Coast Guard, the USAF, the Singapore Air Force, police departments, fire departments and high level athletes around the world. Does the Luminox Sea Turtle fulfill the needs of normal watch enthusiasts?

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Luminescent Watches Loom Large

Panerai Luminor Marina limited edition - Tron-style luminescent Watches

Panerai’s new 44mm Luminor Marina Limited Edition luminescent watches. Tron. Connect the dots. There’s a large selection of large watches offering the same sort of cinematic splendor. Let’s start by shining a light on the new Luminor . . .

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New Watch Alert 1/24/20

Seiko 5 Sports Brian May Limited Edition

Curating the weekly New Watch Alert is a Sisyphean task. No, I don’t have a social disease. It refers to Zeus’ punishment to King Sisyphus (not shown) for his lack of hospitality. For killing his guests. Zeus sentenced the King to push a boulder to the top of a hill – only to have it roll back down when it almost reached the summit. For all eternity. Sisyphus didn’t need a watch, then. But you do, constantly. Here are a dozen recent releases . . .

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