Vaer C3 Full Review

“Why don’t you ride a Harley?” Good question. I espouse buying American but ride Japanese. The short answer: “Because I don’t like Harleys.” Their products don’t suit my preferences. I want to support my countrymen, but I also want what I want. Which brings us to the American Vaer C3 36mm watch . . .

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Axios kick axios on Kickstarter

Microbrand Watches: Good Enough?

Over on kickstarter. the Axios’ Watches Ironclad Robust 500m Swiss Automatic Dive Watch met its $21,795 funding target in three minutes. As of this writing, the company raised $189,614. If you need proof that microbrand watches are The Next Big Thing in traditional watchmaking, there you go. And why is that? Money . . .

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