HODINKEE NOMOS Tangente Sport (courtesy shop.hodinkee.com)

How can you trust a watch review from a website that sells watches “from a growing but carefully curated set of brands”? You can’t. How can you trust a website that creates a HODINKEE NOMOS Tangente Sport Limited Edition and then pretends to review it? Again, you can’t. They’re shameless right from the word go  . . .

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Expensive Rolex Submariner Alternatives

Rolex Submariner

The Rolex Submariner is a damn fine watch. At $10k it damn well ought to be. And again, it is. But ten large is a lot of money and let’s face it: the Sub’s been done. So what’s a dive watch aficianado seeking Rolexian quality to do? Here are three no-compromise Rolex Submariner alternatives that won’t melt your credit card as much . . .

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Which Watch for Rehab?

In case you’re wondering why TTAW went dark for a month or so, now you know. Your humble horologist was in rehab. No, not for watch addiction. Although, sure, my horological obsession is a manifestation of a defective mindset. Anyway, as I packed my bag for a four-week treatment program, I faced a dilemma: which watch for rehab?

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NOMOS: Discontinued, Special-Edition and Limited-Edition Watches Coming In September

NOMOS occupies a special place in the German watch pantheon. The Glashütte subsidiary offers twelve families of simple, elegant, beautifully-crafted timepieces in the $4k to $5k range, all sharing the same Bahausian DNA. As NOMOS’ latest email reveals, choosing one is about to get harder, especially for collectors . . .

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