Pre-Owned Rolex Prices Tanking?

Rolex Datejust in case

Are prices for pre-owned Rolex tanking, or are they hanging tough through Coronageddon? Buy, sell or hold? To answer these questions, we turned to The free-to-the-public website automatically gathers sales data from a variety of sources: eBay, Reddit, Watchuseek, RolexForums, Paneristi forum and Vintage Rolex forums. They’ve got the facts on pre-owned Rolex prices . . .

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Rolex Supply Up, Rolex Prices Down

Rolex Daytona $19k

Pre-Coronageddon, Rolex made some one million timepieces a year. Despite those vast production numbers, Rolex prices have been steadily climbing. Buyers were willing to stretch their budget -Rolex was the “safe choice.” Come hard times, they could convert their pricey watch into cash. Maybe not as much as they paid, but some. Well hard times are here . . .

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Luxury Watch Market – Prices Dip!

Rolex Submariners on Chrono24's luxury watch market

When last we looked at the luxury watch market, prices for pre-owned Rolex were slowly coming down — and not much else. Ten days later there are some new and interesting trends. Let’s start with the 800-pound horological gorilla in the room, Chrono24 . . .

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