Watch News 6/7/2020 – Rolex Mauls Modder!

Watch news! Rolex mauls laCalifornienne modder

Our Sunday watch news roundup starts with Rolex’s lawsuit against laCalifornienne. Rolex was none-too-happy with the Rolex modder’s modifications. reports that Rolex won their suit against the husband-and-wife owners for trademark violation. Will Rolex take on the other modders, such as Wildman, Blaken and Mad Paris? Rolex’s victory may also have implications for . . .

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HoDinkee to Vortic: FOAD

Vortic logo

As we reported earlier, pocket-watch-to-wristwatch manufacturer Vortic is on a knife’s edge. If Hamilton wins its Vortic lawsuit for trademark infringement, the American watchmaker will be out of business. It’s a big story – David vs. Goliath – with wider implication for product recycling.  A story that HoDinkee point-blank refused to cover. The reason is simple . . .

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American-Made Watches – Time to Buy?

American-made watches - Vortic

Vortic Watch Co. has launched the Keep The Lights On For American Manufacturing campaign. They’re raising money to “purchase raw materials in bulk for smaller companies that lack the financial resources to invest in the materials and parts needed to make the products that are desperately needed.” Um, what? Great landing, wrong airport. What’s needed from us, the watch community, is to buy American-made timepieces. Easier said than done . . .

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Artisans de Genève Fake Rolex Albino

Artisans de Geneve fake Rolex

“The Rolex Daytona Oyster Albino 6263 fascinates collectors for its rarity and unique aesthetics,” Rolex modder Artisans de Genève proclaims. “The first piece appeared in 1971, and there would be only three in the world. It was made emblematic by its monochrome silver dial, which earned it the famous nickname ‘Albino.'” You guessed it: Artisans de Genève built a fake Rolex Albino. Sorry, “tribute.” Here’s the real thing . . .

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Hamilton vs. Vortic – Background, Update

Hamilton vs. Vortic memorandum

Hamilton vs. Vortic. A five-year legal battle between the Swiss-owned formerly American Hamilton watch brand and an American company repurposing Hamilton pocket watches into wristwatches. At stake: Vortic’s survival and the survival of hundreds of American companies “upcycling” branded products. The confrontation began when . . .

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