About Us

Robert Farago

Robert Farago – publisher

I was born 1959, raised in Providence, RI. I eventually graduated Tufts University and worked for CNN as a video-journalist. From there, I was a writer/editor for various dead tree newspapers and magazines, both on-staff and freelance. I moved to the UK and worked as a hypnotist for ten years. I moved back to the states and hit the ‘net.

This is my third “truth about” website. I created and sold The Truth About Cars and The Truth About Guns. I bring the same honesty and transparency to The Truth About Watches and, I hope, the same snarky sense of humor that set the two previous sites apart from their restrained competition.

Luke Ibis

Luke Ibis – Writer

I’ve been in love with mechanical things for as long as I can remember. My father and grandfather were gear heads, and the automobile obsession they passed along grew from Hot Wheels and model cars to a parade of interesting (and occasionally inadvisable) bicycles, motorcycles, boats, 4x4s and sports cars. My first nice watch was an Omega Seamaster quartz and I can’t quite recall how many timepieces I’ve owned since.

I’ve worked in the pharmaceutical and medical device industries for nearly 20 years. I currently lead global product development teams creating minimally invasive therapies for the treatment of heart disease. My wife and I live in Minneapolis but prefer to be outdoors, either at our family’s cabin in Northern Minnesota or out traveling the world together.

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Saad Chaudry

Saad Chaudhry – Writer

I was introduced to horology by my father early in life, and a growing love for watches followed. I have visited manufactures and museums in Switzerland and attended watch fairs all around Europe. Having graduated with a degree in industrial design and worked as a graphic designer, I contextualize watches through a designer’s perspective.

Now living in Munich, Germany, I hope to share my horological interest and experiences through my writing. I enjoy shifting gears in my sports car as I further my journey through the world of horology and aim to bring my designer’s point of view to my work.