About Us

Robert Farago

The Truth About Watches is a fully independent watch review website. We don’t receive payment for any links to products, nor do we partner with any watch manufacturer to create “sponsored posts.”

Unlike hodinkee.com, we don’t sell watches and we don’t create “special edition” watches for our readers. What you read here is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. If we make a mistake – it happens – we’re happy to publicly acknowledge the misstep and correct it.

This is my third “truth about” website. I created and sold The Truth About Cars and The Truth About Guns. I bring the same honesty and transparency to The Truth About Watches and, I hope, the same snarky sense of humor that set the two previous sites apart from their restrained competition.

TTAW posts once a day at 8am EST. We’re happy to publish new writers, regardless of their background or eperience. Send your submission(s) to robertfarago1@gmail.com with the words EXCELLENT WRITING in the subject bar. You can also call me with any questions, concerns or comments on 401 835 5054.

Thank you for reading.