About Us

Robert Farago – publisher

Robert Farago

I was born 1959, raised in Providence, RI. I eventually graduated Tufts University and worked for CNN as a video-journalist. From there, I was a writer/editor for various dead tree newspapers and magazines, both on-staff and freelance. I moved to the UK and worked as a hypnotist for ten years. I moved back to the states and hit the ‘net.

This is my third “truth about” website. I created and sold The Truth About Cars and The Truth About Guns. I bring the same honesty and transparency to The Truth About Watches and, I hope, the same snarky sense of humor that set the two previous sites apart from their restrained competition.

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Luke Ibis – Writer

Luke Ibis

I’ve been in love with mechanical things for as long as I can remember. My father and grandfather were gear heads, and the automobile obsession they passed along grew from Hot Wheels and model cars to a parade of interesting (and occasionally inadvisable) bicycles, motorcycles, boats, 4x4s and sports cars. My first nice watch was an Omega Seamaster quartz and I can’t quite recall how many timepieces I’ve owned since.

I’ve worked in the pharmaceutical and medical device industries for nearly 20 years. I currently lead global product development teams creating minimally invasive therapies for the treatment of heart disease. My wife and I live in Minneapolis but prefer to be outdoors, either at our family’s cabin in Northern Minnesota or out traveling the world together.

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Oscar Klosoff – Writer

Born to a father that wore no watch, I developed a deep focus on the movement of clock hands in my early school years.  Upon getting my first watch at age eight, I was never without one, which may explain the number destroyed in use during my youth. Sometime in late adolescence I recognized my irrational desire for new watches and have been fighting this decadent urge ever since.

As a dedicated frugalist, I don’t believe I’ve ever spent over $50 on a watch, to include that hand wound MWC W10 replica which I found heavy, cumbersome, and too much trouble. Everything else has been quartz movements, and I am not ashamed of this.

Joseph Adams – Writer

Joseph Adams self-portrait

Joseph is Bay Area executive with stints in eCommerce, enterprise software, and consumer internet. He’s interested in the intersection of the luxury business and watch collecting. However, Joseph’s meager watch collection is based on the design and engineering that goes into horology, not on any baser material factors.

Joseph contributes to TTAW as a counterbalance to the shills, self-dealers and book-lickers who seem to make up the majority of the watch press. Clearly, he isn’t looking for a career in the industry. His first watch was a Swatch Rotor which probably explains his love of slightly-too-complicated dials.