Patek Philippe Dealers WILL Get New Product

Patek Philippe old HQ

Earlier this year, Patek Philippe announced it wouldn’t be introducing any “novelties” for 2020. No surprise there. Why stimulate demand and spend precious marketing money in a Coronageddon sales void? reports that the Swiss watchmaker is reversing course. Patek Philippe dealers will get new-for-2020 product. What’s that all about? . . .

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Steel Sports Watch Scarcity – Solved!

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak ad

Why is it nearly impossible to buy a steel sports watch from Rolex, Patek and Audemars Piguet? Quill & Pad (writing that ampersand makes me die inside) offered some excellent insight into steel sports watch scarcity. I’m not going to excerpt it. It’s worth reading in its entirety – at least after you get past GaryG’s wealth braggadocio. Towards the end . . .

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Montblanc MD Cerrato – What Apple Watch?

Montblanc Summit 2 titanium

It’s hard to imagine interviewing Montblanc’s Managing Director without asking the Watchmaker-in-Chief about the company’s strategy to combat the twin threats of Coronageddon and the Apple Watch. COVID-19 didn’t make the cut in’s highly edited and no doubt Montblanc-approved question-and-answer session. But the threat posed by the smartwatch did. Kinda. The interchange with Davide Cerrato went like this . . .

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Chrono24 – Useful Idiots?

home page

I don’t spend a lot of time reading Chrono24 Magazine or the watch press generally. While I enjoy watches for the same reasons as many others do – admiration for their design and engineering – I find the cottage industry of blogs and sites that’s sprung up to guzzle at the trough of marketing dollars both boring and offensive. Not to mention writing styles that range from insufferably pretentious to pretentiously insufferable. That said . . .

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Patek Philippe Doesn’t Want Your Money

Patek Philippe Grandmaster Chime

I didn’t see that one coming. Robb Report writer Lucy Alexander pulls the curtain back on the “false scarcity” driving sales of Patek Philippe’s most coveted products. It turns out the rich are like you and me. They can’t get their hands on the watches they really really want – unless they know how to play the game . . .

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