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Audemars Piguet Marvel Watch


Marvel watch - AP Black Panther

I’ve taken Grand Seiko to task for their Godzilla and GT-R watches. “After years of building timepieces far superior to their Swiss rivals without proper recognition or sales,” I wrote, “Seiko’s marketing mavens lost their minds.” So what are we to make of the $160k 42mm Limited Edition Royal Oak Concept Black Panther Flying Tourbillon? A watch that isn’t powered by Vibranium, because Vibranium doesn’t actually exist . . .

Gold Explorer is Rolex’s Future


Gold Rolex Explorer standing up

“Rolex watches haven’t been serious tool watches for decades,” HoDinkee’s Danny Milton writes. “These are luxury items, and they are expensive.” And there you have it: the motivation behind the new gold Explorer. And a clear indication of the brand’s future. Bling Über Alles! As the Grateful Dead sang, what a long strange trip it’s been . . .

Watches and Wonders WTF?


Watches and Wonders - Zenith Defy Extreme

In case you haven’t noticed, it’s raining men. I mean, watches. What was once a real world horological love fest for industry insiders (known as SIHH) is now the Watches and Wonders digital data dump. You can thank The Richemont Group for “reimagining” the event, pimping their 15 watch brands and some 25 others. It’s a horological cluster-you-know-what that defies logic (extremely). Think of it this way . . .

Hermès H08 Revealed


hermes h08 orange

Hey kids, geometry is fun! That higher maths needed to derive sinuous and sensual curves, not so much. Whilst the maison can afford the French curves, they chose to go chunky/funky with the Hermès H08 . . .

Gold Tudor Black Bay 58


Gold Tudor Black Bay 58

A gold Tudor? A Tudor that costs $16,800? With an exhibition caseback? As incredulous Brits would say, pull the other one, it’s got bells on it. And yet there it is, in all its golden glory, exploiting the horological gold rush. The real problem here . . .