New Watch Alert 5/29/202

Worldwide watch ad

New watch alert! The Swiss watch industry is in deep denial about the state of the world economy and the rise of the smartwatch. Given the number of new watches hitting the market, you’d be forgiven for adopting the same What Me Worry? attitude. Don’t. The wristwatch’s second golden age is coming to an end. Enjoy the variety while you can . . .

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New Watch Alert 5/22/2020


Double-breasted suits, phones with cords and mechanical watches – those were the days! These are the days, too. At least for mechanical watches. Despite Coronageddon and the smart watch crisis, there’s little danger of a New Watch Alert drought. Our carefully curated collection of traditional timepieces continues . . .

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Christopher Ward C65 Trident Diver Review

Christopher Ward C65

Christopher Ward calls the C65 a “retro dive watch.” The C65 has about as much in common with a traditional dive watch as speedboat has with a lobster trawler. Your basic dive watch is a bezel-heavy behemoth. And for good reason. Scuba diving requires large print legibility and brick shit house construction. This ain’t that . . .

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Luminox Sea Turtle Review

Luminox Sea Turtle again

Luminox positions their brand as uniquely suited to the spirit of adventure. Their customer list is impressive: U.S. Navy SEALs, IDF Special Forces, U.S. Coast Guard, the USAF, the Singapore Air Force, police departments, fire departments and high level athletes around the world. Does the Luminox Sea Turtle fulfill the needs of normal watch enthusiasts?

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Grail Watch – Availability Increase?

Grail watch - Patek Split Seconds Chronograph

We all have our “Grail Watch.” You have yours, I have mine: the Patek Philippe Split Seconds Chronograph, Jaeger-Coultre Duomètre Quantième Lunaire and Breguet Répétition Minutes. Any of these would be most welcome on my wrist. But we all know what you really, really want . . .

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