Christopher Ward C1 Moonglow Review

Christopher Ward C1 Moonglow money shot

“Most moonphase watches are unforgivably dull.” I guess I’m more forgiving than Christopher Ward co-founder Peter Ellis. I don’t find Jaeger-leCoultre’s Master Control Calendar dull as much as expensive, for example. Still, point taken. Most moon phase complications are one-dimensional discs playing peek-a-boo in a small window. The C1 Moonglow puts the Earth’s satellite front and center . . .

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Bell & Ross DIVER FULL LUM Review

BR 03-92 DIVER FULL LUM lume

The Mondaine Swiss Railways watch is no longer the world’s most legible watch. That honor belongs to the Bell & Ross BR 03-92 DIVER FULL LUM (shown here in complete darkness). The Bell & Ross DFL is fully, completely, totally, inescapably lumed and it provides just as much daytime legibility as the Railways watch. Bell & Ross accomplished this feat by. . .

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Ball Trainmaster Secometer Pocket Watch

Ball Trainmaster Secometer

In 1900, Webb C. Ball set the standards for railroad pocket watches – timepieces that kept America’s train network safe and reliable, elevated horological standards and made the Cleveland jeweler a wealthy man. Some 120 years later, the Ball Trainmaster Secometer pays homage to the Swiss-owned watchmaker’s roots. Does it keep the faith? . . .

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Grand Seiko 60th Anniversary Quartz Review

Grand Seiko Anniversary quartz 2nd floor

Back in the day, my CNN cameraman and I were blasting down the autobahn at 130 mph. Doing more than twice my home country’s federally mandated double nickel, I missed our exit. We arrived at Porsche HQ fifteen minutes late. The CEO glared at us as if we’d totalled our 911 loaner. “Nice watch,” I said, nodding at his Porsche Design Sportivo Chrono. “Ja,” he replied pointedly. “Very accurate.” Not as accurate as the Grand Seiko Anniversary quartz . . .

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Eberhard Scafograf 300 Review

Eberhard Scafograf 300 closeup

Some watch brands leave their mark on the world. The Waltham Watch Company introduced assembly line mass production to America, kicking our industrial revolution into high gear. The Ball Watch Company standardized time and made railway travel safe. Eberhard & Co. doesn’t have that kind of claim to fame but the Eberhard Scafograf 300 sure left its mark on me . . .

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