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Carpenter G2 Brooklyn Gent: Review

I didn’t take an immediate shine to the Carpenter G2 Brooklyn Gent. The watch was too shiny. As far as I could tell. the G2’s acrylic crystal lacked sufficient anti-reflective coating to see the indices in direct light. At the … Continue reading

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G-SHOCK GMW-B5000TCM-1JR: Review

Welcome back to Room For Squares. I’m your host, Jack Baruth. Today we’re going to discuss a watch – the G-SHOCK GMW-B5000TCM-1JR – that’s proven more than a little controversial in the profoundly uncool world of G-SHOCK collectors . . … Continue reading

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Seiko Quartz LC Chronograph: Review

The Seiko Quartz LC Chronograph wasn’t my first watch. It was my first computer. Unlike my eventual Apple II, the Japanese digital watch didn’t overheat, crash or confuse me. There’s the time, day and date. M’kay? Here’s how the chrono … Continue reading

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EUTOUR Watch Review

“We met some problems and thank God we finally solved them,” EUTOUR’s hard-to-find, less-than-complete website admits, without specificity. “The quality now is firmest and best ever.” “Best ever” means better but not necessarily good. But let’s not quibble. Our review … Continue reading

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Longines Conquest V.H.P. Review

Citizens’ Caliber 0100 is the world’s most accurate watch (that doesn’t sync to an external source). We’re talking about a timepiece boasting +/- one second per year accuracy. We’re also talking thousands of dollars and zero availability. If accuracy’s your … Continue reading

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Mr Jones Watches The Accurate XL

Remember you will die, The Accurate XL proclaims. Hang on. Why wear a watch that highlights your mortality when you can just look in the bathroom mirror? It’s a Memento Mori: an object that reminds you that life is finite. … Continue reading

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Hook+Gaff Sportsfisher Black: Review

The Hook+Gaff Sportsfisher Black is swimming against the tide. A large percentage of the 46 million Americans engaged in piscatorial pursuits are now buying smart watches. Wrist-born computers that tell them the time and tide, changes in barometric pressure and … Continue reading

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