Sinn 856 I B Tegimented

Sinn 856 money shot

This is a tale of two watches: the previously reviewed black-dial five-star Sinn 556 I and a blue-dial Sinn 856 I B Tegimented. Here in the U.S., sells the black beauty for $1380. The blue bomber runs $2300. That’s a big jump for what look like small differences. Welcome to Sinn City, where the devil’s in the details. Start with this . . .

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OMEGA Seamaster 300M GMT Review

OMEGA Seamaster 300M GMT Money Shot 2234.50.00

We start our review of the discontinued, widely available, preowned, OMEGA Seamaster 300M GMT (reference 2234.50.00) by turning the clock back to 1953. That’s when the first watch to offer a rotating 24-hour bezel appeared. Paired to a 24-hour hand, the rotating 24-hour bezel allowed pilots and other global travelers to track two time zones at once by glancing at the dial. That watch was . . .

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Wilbur Watches 2020 Launch Edition

Wilbur Watches 2020 Launch Edition money shot

A few years ago, Texas legalized open carry. As the owner of a gun blog, I felt obliged to give it a go. I couldn’t have felt more conspicuous if I’d worn a chicken suit. And yet no one seemed to notice. Same deal with the Wilbur Watches 2020 Launch Edition. I fully expected WTFs from casual encounters. Nope. Different deal down at Casa De Montecristo. I think Tim put it best . . .

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Casio G-Shock GA900 Review

Casio GA-900 on wrist

The Casio GA900 – reviewed here as the GA900E-1A3 – elicits multiple conflicting reactions. Hey, that looks cool! Wait, I’m not sure I like it. Hold on a sec, I think I DO. Naaa. Now that I looked at it I don’t like it. No matter how you look at it, the Casio GA-900 is fatally flawed . . .

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Mondaine EVO Pocket Watch

Mondaine EVO pocket watch on sculpture

I can’t say I was surprised when the back glass of my cherished Ball 999 pocket watch fell off. Nor was I taken aback when I heard a telltale crinkling sound as the dealer extracted the watch from its post-repair packaging. Yup, the glass had shattered, shedding shards into the movement. That’s when I changed my mind about the Mondaine EVO pocket watch . . .

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