Hamilton Murph Khaki Field Watch Review

Black dial!

Interstellar is a sci-fi weepie. Other than Joseph Cooper’s attempt to save humanity from extinction, the movie’s about the astronaut’s separation anxiety. Before Coop hits the interstellar highway, our protagonist gifts his beloved daughter a watch – the Hamilton “Murph” – promising to compare it to his Hamilton Pilot Day Date Auto upon return. And what does Murphy do with it? . . .

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Grand Seiko SBGA229 Review

The Grand Seiko SBGA229 Spring Drive Diver is emphatically not an OMEGA Seamaster or Rolex Submariner. But it is priced that way. So why would anyone spend their hard-earned and increasingly scarce money on a fancy Seiko rather than one of the Swiss stalwarts? Let’s be clear . . .

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Mondaine Ultra Thin Swiss Railways Watch Review

Mondaine Utra Thin face

The Swiss Railways Watch – based on the immortal Swiss railway clock – is the world’s most legible timepiece. The question facing Mondaine: how do you improve on perfection? The watchmaker has introduced numerous variations, including reversing the dial colors (white hands on a black dial) and adding complications (e.g., the Sports Day Date  and Stop-2-Go).  But it’s the Mondaine Ultra Thin that cracks the nut . . .

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Seiko Arnie Review (Prospex SNJ025)

Arnold Schwarzenegger in Commando

Back in the 80’s, an Austrian weightlifter made a number of insanely violent and entertaining movies. In 1985’s Commando and 1987’s Predator, Arnold Schwarzenegger wore a Seiko H558-5009 ani-digital dive watch. The future governor of California made his modest little Seiko into an action movie superstar. Fast forward to late 2019 . . .

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Patek Philippe Ladies Nautilus Review

Patek Philippe Ladies’ Nautilus at rest

Last Sunday was International Women’s Day. I celebrated it by wearing a Patek Philippe Ladies Nautilus. The watch is marketed and positioned in the brand’s extensive catalog as a woman’s model. Is it? . . .

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