Watch News 7/11/2020

Rolex to Drop New Models September 1

Watch news - death to the Air King?

Coronageddon threw a spanner in the works for Rolex’s annual new model release. When COVID-19 shut down the world economy, the company [quietly] let it be known they’re new product launch team was skipping the annus horribilis entirely. Watch news! . . .

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Watch News 7/4/2020

HoDinkee Sells Apple Watches

New watch alert - HoDinkee sells Apple Watches

Once upon a time, HoDinkee was a watch review site. Nowadays it’s a retailer masquerading as watch review site, an authorized dealer for no less than 26 brands. Watch news! HoDinkee now sells Apple Watches – a betrayal of their unspoken loyalty to the traditional watch. Hence a home page announcement designed to calm restless natives . . .

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Watch News: 6/28/2020

Hublot Big Bang e

Watch news! Assuming COVID-19 doesn’t do a Mexican wave, the Swiss watch industry’s movers and shakers will gather on Thursday November 12 for their 20th annual orgy of self-congratulation Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève. For the first time, the GPHG will “allow” smartwatches in the ironically named “Challenge” category . . .

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Watch News 6/19/2020: Patek Philippe Opens New Factory

Patek Philippe Calatrava caseback

The really big watch news this week? May’s cataclysmic drop in Swiss watch exports. But we’ve already covered that so . . . Patek Philippe celebrated the opening of its new $600m Geneva production and customer schmooze lounge with the launch of their first-ever watch with a sticker on the back (2019?). The watchmaker will not be changing . . .

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Watch News 6/14/2020 – Rapper Robs for a Rolex

“Maurice Fayne has been arrested and charged with federal bank fraud after misusing funds from a Paycheck Protection Program loan,” reports. That would be one Arkansas Mo, “star” of VH1’s 151-episode “reality” show Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta. Here’s how Mr. Mo flamed out . . .

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