CBP Seizes Counterfeit Rolex Worth $2.54m

Counterfeit Rolex

We’ve warned you against the possibility of buying counterfeit Rolex watches. They’re very, very good. OK, maybe not the sample above, but fakes are out there and they can fool the unwary. If U.S. Customs and Border Protection caught even a tenth of the total trade, they’d be more than satisfied. But they don’t. Here’s a press release on today’s haul . . .

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UK Kills New Watch Smuggling

Watches of Switzerland Regent Street - watch smuggling no more

London is an important point of sale for luxury watches. Extremely important. A lot of the business conducted is done on a tax-free basis; buyers purchase a new watch, claim the 20 percent VAT back and stay stum about their new watch when re-entering their home country – avoiding additional tax. In other words, watch smuggling. I say “was” because . . .

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Swatch Lawsuit Against Vortic Fails

Vortic logo

Five years ago, the Swatch Group launched a lawsuit against Vortic Watches of Colorado for trademark infringement. The Swiss conglomerate – owner of the Hamilton brand – took exception to Vortic advertising their Hamilton pocket watch-to-wrist-watch conversions as such. This despite the fact that Hamilton no longer makes pocket watches. The Swatch lawsuit went to federal court. The verdict has been rendered . . .

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Justin Beiber’s Rolex Analyzed

Justin Beiber's Rolex

Justin Drew Beiber has come a long way since placing second at singing competition in Stratford, Ontario. Watch-wise, JB started with Casio. As you’d expect for a performer who co-brands with artists who consider too much bling not enough, he’s acquired a selection of diamond encrusted timepieces. Let’s look at Justin Beiber’s Rolex and its friends . . .

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Grand Seiko Constant Force Tourbillon. Yay?

Grand Seiko Constant Force Tourbillon

Grand Seiko makes as good or better a watch as any mainstream Swiss watchmaker (cough Rolex cough). Grand Seiko makes timepieces that put some high horologists to shame (who shouldn’t be smoking weed in the first place). The Japanese watchmaker’s oeuvre now includes the Grand Seiko Constant Force Tourbillon, the world’s first constant force tourbillon. How great is that? . . .

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