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laCalifornienne Mods Rolex AND Cartier

Back in December, Rolex filed a lawsuit against laCalifornienne. The Swiss watchmaker charged the California modder with “engaging in a course of conduct likely to cause confusion, deception or mistake, or injure Rolex’s business reputation, diluting the distinctive quality of … Continue reading

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Vortic vs. Swatch

Vortic video ahead! Much of the head-to-head below is pure cringe — PERSONALLY, I LOVE THE SWATCH GROUP! It suffers from the typical YouTube disease of stretching a five-minute explanation into a half-hour marathon, but it might be worth your … Continue reading

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Coronageddon? Swiss Watches Suffering

Coronageddon? Unlike the industry lapdogs known as Hodinkee, we’ve been flagging the calamitous impact of the Chinese coronavirus on Swiss watch exports. In 2019, the Asian market accounted for roughly half of all Swiss watch exports. For all intents and … Continue reading

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Luxury Watch Prices Falling?

You might think luxury watch prices would be immune to annoyances like viral outbreaks and economic downturns. Nope. According to, “the last global recession lopped nine per cent off the size of the personal luxury goods market,” lowering luxury … Continue reading

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Baselworld + Coronavirus = The End?

Baselworld coronavirus. Not two words you want to see together. But there they are. In fact, the watch industry schmoozefest is hanging on by a thread. Bulgari announced today that it’s pulling out, blaming both the virus and the success … Continue reading

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Apple Watch Production Offline. Still . . .

 As we suspected, Apple Watch production in Zhengzhou, China’s “Apple City” did not resume on February 9. “Apple assembly partner Foxconn has been told by Chinese authorities it cannot open its production facilities,” reports, “due to the ‘high risks’ … Continue reading

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Singapore Coronavirus Swats Swiss Watches

Five Britons in French ski resort catch coronavirus after contact with man who had been in Singapore reports. The coronavirus is causing consternation in the Southeast Asia island city-state. “Ministry of Health confirmed three new cases of the coronavirus … Continue reading

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