Three Of The World’s Most Expensive Watches

Really expensive Patek

There are watches that cost more than a house. A good house. In a good neighborhood. With a pool. The Patek Philippe above – one of only nine pink-on-pink reference 1518’s made – recently hammered for $3.57m. Let’s have a look at two expensive watches that make the Patek look like chump change and one that makes you look like Rafael Nadal . . .

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Collectible Watches – How To

1958 Rolex branded Cuervo Y Sobrinos (courtesy

“You never know what will end up being a collectible watch,” Will comments under Watch Depreciation – 3 Ways to Avoid It. “Sometimes it’s the least likely things because no one purchased them. Or a common watch people abused, so the mint ones end up having a ton of value. It’s a guessing game.” So let’s guess. First .  . .

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Pre-Owned Rolex Prices Tanking?

Rolex Datejust in case

Are prices for pre-owned Rolex tanking, or are they hanging tough through Coronageddon? Buy, sell or hold? To answer these questions, we turned to The free-to-the-public website automatically gathers sales data from a variety of sources: eBay, Reddit, Watchuseek, RolexForums, Paneristi forum and Vintage Rolex forums. They’ve got the facts on pre-owned Rolex prices . . .

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The Right Watch for the Right Occasion

Which is the right watch?

“Every man should have a variety of designer watches in his repertoire,” advises, “but if you’re not sure where to start, we’ve got you covered.” The website offers readers their idea of the “right watch” for a business meeting, beach holiday, first date and family occasion. Post-COVID, I presume. Here are LLM’s mostly whacked-out recommendations and my entirely sensible alternatives . . .

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Watch Depreciation – 3 Ways to Avoid It

Vacheron Constantin Malte on wrist

If you like your watch, you can keep your watch. With a bit of luck and an eventual COVID-19 vaccine, you’ll never have to sell it. When you die, someone else will take the hit. So depreciation – actually selling a watch for less than what you paid for it – isn’t a factor. Unless . . .

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